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Explore Thirasia - Santorini

Explore Thirasia was founded by my passion for cycling, my love and respect for nature. Thirasia is an island part of Santorini with wild beauty and pristine land.

Τhe few cars on the island makes it automatically an ideal land for safe e-biking ride.

Panoramic breathtaking Caldera views will give you the chance for amazing photos. But, that is not enough! Your experience will be enriched with my narration on the local life and introduction to local delicacies with pure ingredients some of which inhabitants themselves produce.

Why e-ride on Thirasia?

Thirassia Island is a miniature of what Thira used to be several years ago. Its villages are still surrounded by the “aura” of the past. It’s oblong in shape, with an 9km diameter in length, and a 2.5 diameter in breadth. According to Greek history, it was named after Thirasia, the younger daughter of King Thiras.

Thirasia used to be connected to the island of Santorini till the earthquake of 1628 BCE. Today, this volcanic land is a peaceful destination, with a population slightly over 150 people, favored by tourists for its five traditional villages and the typical island architecture.

In 1867, the french volcanologist Fouque conducted some excavations in Thirasia and studied the remains of the buildings and the findins including utensils and tools. According to these findings  the settlement of Thirasia dated back to the Bronze age.

You will arrive on Thirasia by boat from Amoudi to the new port of Riva. Like every other Greek island, Thirasia boasts numerous churches, which are interesting to see – some for their religious art, others for architectural style, location, and scenic views. There are  23 churches you will discover on rocks and in gorges. So, it is an ideal place for cycling and hiking paths.

The island is small and perfectmaking it ideal to explore it in a day by e-bike or by walking.

How to reach Thirasia

There is a sea bus operating daily from Ammoudi port ( Oia’s port) to Riva (Thirasia).

From Ammoudi – Santorini to Thirasia – Riva daily

07:50am, 12:45 , 17:20  daily

From Thirasia – Riva to Ammoudi – Santorini

07:35am, 12:35, 17:15 daily

Additionally, some days a week

Thirasia 21:50 Ammoudi – Santorini  22:00

Which is ideal to see the Famous Sunset From Thirasia

(contact us for further info)

Please call us prior to any reservations to verify the ferry schedule.

Please be at the port 15 minutes prior to departure.


Yannis Daskalakis onwer – founder
Explore Thirasia – Santorini

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